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07-25-2010, 10:22 AM
Well a little while back the wife made me get out of bed one weekend and go join the gym. I was wanting to get back to working out while deployed, but I was a bit too busy to get to the gym. But now I've started back.

I reckon not all will agree with my workout scheme, but that is okay, I understand but it is still not going to change my workout scheme.

On Mon, Wed & Fri I do muscle failure workout. I do a total body workout on those days. I don't hit every single muscle, but rather the major muscle groups. I do chest press, torso, abdominal, leg extension, leg curl, bicep and triceps. For each exercise I do 4 sets with each successive set adding weight and decreasing repittions. The thought process for this is to do the max weight and max repetitions. The first set should be around 10-15 repetitions with the last rep being all you can do to get it up. The next set should be between 8-10 reps and the next between 5-8. Your last set should be 1-5 reps. This type of workout should build muscle mass and strength.

The only thing I don't do this type of workout with is abdominal. With these I do 4 sets of 20 repetitions. Right now I'm doing these with 70 lbs and will probably increase weight next time. The idea here is to be able to do 4 sets of 20 with the weight. When you reach that goal, add weight.

On "off" days I swim laps.


Paul Pless
07-25-2010, 12:09 PM
I just split firewood.

Swimming does sound nice though.

07-25-2010, 06:08 PM
Splitting firewood is indeed a good workout, just ain't got none to split and if I did I don't have a fireplace.

Swimming laps is good, but it can really wear you out.