View Full Version : Sheet lead - sound insulation?

09-25-2005, 05:48 PM
Our local Bunnings (Home Depot equivalent) has sheet lead for sale at half price at the moment. At a guess it would only take a couple of hundred dollars worth to insulate my engine room ceiling (about 14' x 12' x 1" marine ply).

Has anyone done this? I'm assuming it would need screwed batten fixing - or would stapling or sandwiching with say 3/16" ply be easier?


Peter Malcolm Jardine
09-25-2005, 06:41 PM
Most commercial soundproofings have a thin sheet of lead sandwiched between two layers of sound absorbing foam, usually quite dense stuff about 3/4" thick.(the lead sheet is quite thin) The outside is coated on one side with a foil or sprayed surface that is easy to clean off, and cannot absorb contaminants. The lead by itself would not do much, since a lot of soundproofing is absorbing the sound wave, then deadening it with an inert material like lead. You could probably make some decent soundproofing by using polyurethane foam (albeit with an appropriate fire rating) and contact cementing the lead sheet in between. I have installed this stuff in a couple of sedan cruisers with diesels, and it really, (REALLY) makes a difference. I used stainless screws with 1 1/2 square plywood washers to hold the sheets in place. They recommend a high strength contact cement for securing it, but I didn't find it worked too well. The key is to completely cover the deck over the engines. Any place left undone seems to be noticeable.