View Full Version : PET scanning for Alzheimer's

06-24-2010, 05:04 AM
Big breakthrough in identifying the disease in the living.

From the article by Gina Kolata:

"Late last year, Avid saw the initial results of its hospice study ó data (following) from the first six patients...

"A man diagnosed with Alzheimerís and cancer had a scan showing no plaque. His autopsy did not show it, either. The diagnosis was wrong. Another man with Parkinsonís disease and dementia had been diagnosed as having dementia solely due to Parkinsonís. His scan showed amyloid. So did the autopsy. He had Alzheimerís. A woman with mild memory loss had a scan showing no amyloid. Her autopsy also found none. Three others had clinical diagnoses of Alzheimerís, confirmed by scans and autopsies."

The testing of hospice patients continued until all 35 in the study could be both scanned and autopsied. In every case, scan results were confirmed at autopsy.