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06-15-2010, 09:30 PM
Hey guys, with all the little questions I've posted here about "how do I???" and "why doesn't this work???"

.... I thought I'd post that we've just done our "1 year haul out" (albeit 2 months late) and I've just finished the task of scraping excess bedding compound from the keel (we'd stuffed Dolfinite in any cracks that opened up while the boat was on the hard during the 2.5 year rebuild) and cleaned up the few planking seams that pooched a bit.

The hardest work was hubby's as he sanded the topsides paint off of 3/4 of the starboard side :( as the paint on the forward 3/4 of that side wasn't staying on the boat. The culprit was likely that I'd put too much white lead paste in the paint that I brushed over the seam compound on that side. Well, anyway, after Hubby did the hard work, I've put on the build coats of primer and am getting ready for the sanding before the top coat. The port side was pretty much flawless, so I'm happy about that.

We had to raise the waterline about 6 inches from the design waterline of 1931. Of course, we noted she had 13 scribed waterlines when we bought her and none of them were less than 6" above that design line (shoulda paid attention there, huh?) and we're about to put a 4" (black) bootstrip on her, too.

We're doing the work at Napa Valley Marina in the SF Bay area. Was hot as all get out this weekend, thank goodness we've got the boat tented and keeping the ground wet under her. We should be re-launched next Tuesday and we're looking forward to spending some weeks at anchor around the Bay and maybe a little side trip up into the Delta. Anyone know of good spots in the Delta for boats with 6 and a half foot draft?

Now AFTER we made the long trip up the coast from San Diego (oh, what a trip) we're finally getting around to installing the autopilot too ;)

06-15-2010, 09:34 PM
Was wondering where you were.

06-16-2010, 02:36 PM
Six and a half foot draft in the Delta does limit you.

Only the marked channels have much depth. Get used to the idea that you will run aground, probably more than once. The bottom is mostly mud, and is unlikely to do much damage. Take it slow so that you can back off without too much drama. I trust that you have a good depth sounder. That will help, but sometimes the bottom comes up very quickly. The water is murky enough that you will not usually be able to see the bottom.

Just about anywhere in the Delta is great. Grab your charts, look for a promising place, and go for it. BTW, typically people set a stern anchor and tie the bow to a tree or bush on shore.

Make sure you have good mosquito screens. The buggers get nasty around dusk. Days are hot, and nights can actually get fairly cold when the sea breeze gets going. You will want to rig a cockpit awning during the day.

Although I grew up just 30 miles from the Delta, I have limited cruising experience there, so other folks may have some better, more specific ideas.

06-16-2010, 03:03 PM
I have been all over the Delta in a tug with six foot draft. Close attention to the official charts and you should be fine. You may find yourself moving around on the new moon a lot!
This is a good year for you because of the huge Sierra snow melt. When the flood checks the river flow the tide heights are generally higher this year than the predictions.
I was sailing up there last week and viewed this anomaly first hand.

06-17-2010, 06:08 PM
get used to going aground :eek: I hope not.

I was a bit nervous going up the Napa River but it is actually quite deep in the main waterflow part of the river--at least up to this marina. We're looking forward to a couple quiet anchorages "in the weeds" so to speak. We've had way too many rolling and/or crowded (sometimes both!) anchorages in the year we've been living aboard since our launch 4/2009. Quiet...peace...yes.

Even if there are mosquitoes! Sounds very nice. Glad to also hear that there may be more water "than usual" this year. We're thinking that our first anchorage after leaving Napa will be a short ways up the Suisun Slough. Then... I don't know.

We'll not have a huge amount of time for our first visit in the Delta as we re-launch on Tuesday June 22 and we're planning on anchoring on Sat June 26th in Belvedere Cove (adjacent SFYC) so we can dingy over to the Master Mariners' Boat Show on Sunday June 27. Anyone else going to the boat show, btw?

Then we'll probably head back up to the Delta for another week or more before we'll do something else.

Probably better off to be in the Delta over 4th of July than to be downtown somewhere. Anyone know?