View Full Version : Wow! Lorena Ochoa is retiring!

04-20-2010, 11:29 AM
As a disclaimer, I know little of golf, having never played a round in my life, but the LPGA plays here in Mobile and I know a little about Ms. Ochoa. A tremendous competitor and a very fine sportswoman by all accounts. Retiring at 27 years old to start a family. Last year she married the CEO of AeroMexico, and she has won a few tournaments (!), so I guess she is set up financially.

This seems to be a difference in men's and women's golf. Anneka Sorenstam retired at her peak for the same reasons. I wonder how people would react if Phil Mickleson or Ernie Els said that he had made enough money and wanted to spend time with his kids growing up? Personally I think it would be pretty darn cool.

Congrats to Ms. Ochoa. Sounds like a neat plan. And at her age, she can have babies, get them pretty much raised, then come back and have a second career.

Mickey Lake