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04-12-2010, 11:16 PM
Couldn't sleep right for about five days. Best I could get was about 2 hours out of every 36.

Last night got the Wife and Daughter to play some cut-throat bridge for fun.

Based on their biding or lack of same, without a bidding partner, I bid a small slam in no-trump. Played it to where I had to loose one trick but was not sure which of them would get it (two suits I could cover if lost one card and that consumed three of suit) and then I had stoppers to get back in and take the rest. Hardest thing in playing a bid winning bridge hand is to take tricks then lose some and then get back in. Multiply that enormously in no-trump.

Great mental stimulation and such as you have to count every single card and where it was played from, and play and figure out, as no-trump what cards are going to go down from each player for each and every trick. tose yo cannot control are your loosers. And then you have to pick when and how to get rid of your loosers.

As I explained afterward They had played almost perfectly. so we went through the hand and I explained how a structured and played my transport back and forth from dummy hand (the deck) to my hand.

So got some really need sleep about 12 hours of it last night and today, and now the brain is runing on multiple trains of thought and multiplexing like my normal(not in dire medical need) status.

I will say that, it seems a lot of stuff is conming in on the boards from members I do have great respect for, that has not been properly checked before posting.

I am talking about links used for reference to support a position that the whole of the link does the opposite.

I am talking about posting derisions of people not their science or other output rather than deal with what they have said.

When these derisive statements are made and then the link for reference does the opposite of supporting that derision, that is incomplete thought. That is not taking due diligence to use your logical mind.:eek:

That is faith based attack on the disenter not their position of the worst kind. It is using out of context data and made up references to sound important or to intentionally impress or decieve by slieght of word to promote the "faith". Wether it be religion or science or politics it is dishonest and beneath you fellow WBFrs.:mad:

Please let's not dumb down our threads. Instead let's try and promote our selves and each other towards achieving an ever greater level of erudition and exchange of knowledge and even educating each other jointly creating a Phalanx of Broadband Tested and Proven Knowledge.

Thank you all for putting up with this refugee from think tank type life.:)

Maybee as WBFrs we have gotten to the point whre we have enough freindship and sense of community insted of just the Bilge we may need to ask Scot for "world news and science and etc. category. I know many days I come to the bilge first to see the timely news posts before I check out my list of news source. A list that runs from ABC (OZ), BBC,AlJazeera, Russia Today, Washington post, NYT, WSJ, Boston Globe, CBS, NBC, Not FOX, and more. BTW those are in sequence of personal interest in seeing what they have to say aobut things. Not that I accept any of them as "gospel" in that order, but that sequence has tested out to be the best to get the real lowdown on things in the world in which I have an interest for that day or two at a time. AADD person, and there is only one of me. Haven't been able to do the "Multiplicity" movie thing yet. Son Sam is working on it.

Here is my son at

I'm sure Chuck and a many others here can recognize the presentation venue and this "public briefing room".

Here he is actually personally getting a feel for flight to help with ideas on parachute deployment of robots in a "high altitude high rate of descent" scenario where chute deployment would exceed human capability. (I think he just likes flyin' and keeps justifying more sessions for the fun of it.)


I had my fun now it is Jr.s turn.

The Bigfella
04-13-2010, 12:42 AM

04-13-2010, 01:14 AM
It's the medium Chase, allows us to say things that would get us a poke in the face if said in the recipient's presence. Incidentally I wonder what the effect on the tradition of 'politeness' in those who have only known the net will be? Will they be mord blunt face to face? Is this a factor in a rise in violence amongst the younger generations?
BTW, bridge. My stepdad was a mathmetician and could tell you exactly what you held after a bit. Very demoralising I never played after my early teens.

04-13-2010, 01:32 AM
Mon Apr 12 2010 08:15:34 ET

GOOGLE CEO and Obama political activist Eric Schmidt declared this weekend that his machines will help decide what news you receive!

News sites should use technology to PREDICT what a user wants to read by what they have already read, Schmidt told the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEWS EDITORS, where a few humans still remained in the audience.

"We're all in this together."


Schmidt said he doesn't want 'to be treated as a stranger' when reading online, POLITICO reports.

He envisions a future where technology for news editing could help tailor advertisements for individual readers.

And he wants to be challenged through technology that 'directs readers' to a story with an 'opposing' view.

[An odd suggestion from the CEO of a company long accused of offering little to no conservative-leaning links on its news page, while aggressively promoting left-leaning hubs.]

Schmidt said GOOGLE is working on new ways to push adverts and content for consumers, based on what stories they've read.

What stories his machines have selected.


04-13-2010, 01:42 AM
Bobby's, the commercial presss does quite a bit of this already. They are in the business of selling advertising space, know their target demographic intimately and tailor their 'news' to fit what research tells them they want to hear and read.

04-13-2010, 01:44 AM
Bobby's, the commercial presss does quite a bit of this already. They are in the business of selling advertising space, know their target demographic intimately and tailor their 'news' to fit what research tells them they want to hear and read..

You have a point there.....

04-13-2010, 01:48 AM
I spent 20 years in advertising and 15 in publishing. I am always very cynical.

04-13-2010, 03:52 AM
"Politeness greases the gears of society, acrimony acts like sand in the same gears."

Rob. Heinlein

04-13-2010, 03:58 AM

Sam had a link on his facbook page to a video of a robotic gas pump.

The thought is to start with NJ and OR for deployment. The RF tag like we use for Tolls incldes vehicle info for the Bot and can auto handle billing so you never have to leave the car.

I think it is called GasBot.

just checked it is TankPitstop.


04-13-2010, 04:58 AM
That first post is brilliant, keep up the good work.