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J. Dillon
04-04-2010, 04:11 PM
The Story of "Timmy", a Timex Watch.

My owner was delighted to see me again. He lost me one foul rainy day months ago. My band pin had come off, ripped out once again. It was in the fall of the year. I could see him looking for me, passing real close. I ticked as loud as I could, even my pal the wrist band compass swung his needle but to no avail. He didnít find me. I was doomed. I settled back, finding comfort in the adventures we had had together. Aboard his boat he had used me many times as my sweep second hand and light assisted in timing sextants sights on the vast Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Races we did together. Yeah, it was a rough life. I got doused with salt water many a time but I just kept ticking away. Steady and correct always. I could feel his fond rub once in a while. But then one day I got caught up on the sailboatís wire stay as his arm came down during a squall. The stay tore at my mounting housing. My pin came out off the broken end and down to the deck I was cast. Fortunately I didnít sink into the deep. He rescued me and used his ingenuity to afford me my place on his wrist once again. He epoxied copper straps to hold my pins in place as my plastic housings had broken off. I just kept on ticking still doing perfect time to guide my ownerís boat afloat. But alas, I knew my retirement was going to be mandatory as my back was no longer detachable to get at my battery.

Now I was cold. I was buried under deep snow. I could hear the plow over my head. I longed for the warmth of a hairy wrist, but I did have the companionship of the compass still on the wrist band. It was comatose, its guiding needle still. But I kept on turning round the numbers day after day. Several heavy rains spawned a flood in the grass and leaves I lay under but I never stopped my hands. I could feel the months sweeping by but saw only a passing squirrel, his mindless brain unappreciative of the perfect time I was giving. Gradually daylight lasted longer than the cold freezing nights. I was warm for a few hours of the lengthening days. Activity increased in the yard where I lay. I could even see the boat and my owner working on her. I had a glimmer of hope to be rescued. The wind blew a little, a dead leaf hurried on. I saw the light for the first time in seven months. I had little shine left to reflect the sun, but I was visible. I caught his eye. He reached for me and once again I could feel his joy as he looked at my sweeping hand. He exclaimed,

"Hey itís still running!"

Of course! I said to myself. Iím a Timex! Iím fondly on his wrist in my rightful place, at least till my battery runs out.

Timmy I ain't so pretty now but I'm still ticking.;)




04-04-2010, 04:59 PM
"Until my friggin wrist pin falls out agin'...."

04-04-2010, 06:16 PM
Hey Jack!

Don't give up on Timmy! Gentle application of a soldering iron should soften the epoxy enough to give him a new battery, when it's time! :)

Great story, as usual, Mr. Dillon.

It puts me in mind of the TV commercial from the late 70s where they strap the watch to the bumper of the truck, and then they beat the crap outta the truck. They were running it through brush and creek beds and Pure D Hell for the afternoon, and then they turned the camera on the wristwatch....



The watch was completely trashed, but the Ford Truck was still tickin'!

Pretty funny stuff. :)

04-04-2010, 07:08 PM
if any watch deserves a chance at a new battery, timme's the one.

J. Dillon
04-04-2010, 09:33 PM
I think it was Timex that once ran a commercial on TV where a Timex watch was affixed to a ships propeller and she did a circumnavigation. At the conclusion, the watch was still running.:eek:

Oznabrag,thanks for the tip about softening up the epoxy. Timme deserves to tick on.:D


04-04-2010, 09:48 PM
Oznabrag,thanks for the tip about softening up the epoxy. Timme deserves to tick on.:D


Yeah! Just cook that bond like you would a brisket, man. soft and sloww. ;)