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Ian McColgin
03-27-2010, 05:47 PM
Last night MayEllen, our friend Linda and I went to see a local production of David Auburn’s play “Proof.” Brilliant job, especially in casting a high school senior to play Cathrine, the role Gweneth Paltro brought to the screen after the Broadway run with Jennifer Jason Leigh (later Anne Heche.

Essentially mathematically gifted Catherine is taking care of her once brilliant now nuts math prof father. There’s an older stabile daughter who blows in after dad’s death and a grad student as important subsidary foils. The McGuffin is whether a manuscript proof found in the dead prof’s locked drawer, away from all the notebooks of total madness, was written by him or Cathrine.

The play was great and by odd chance it was on the telly this afternoon when I was stuck indoors anyway. So I’ve seen this brilliant play twice.

If you know even a little of math - like the Hardy-Ramanujan number - you’ll love it.