View Full Version : My view ahead

John Smith
02-15-2010, 10:14 AM
We are at an extremely interesting place in our history. Our president is actually in a strong position to change the way Washington works.

I don't know whether he's smart enough to have planned this, but it is here.

Once the light of public knowledge was shone on Shelby's nominee holds, the holds were terminated.

Feb. 25 may prove to be extremely interesting. I can see the President asking, "I like that idea, and I'm willing to put it in the health care reform bill. If that idea goes into the bill, are you still going to vote against the bill?"

I think they also have a problem with the recovery act funds. True, they could vote against the bill and still get funds for their district, but that's not their problem. Their problem is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. The condemned the bill when voting against it, and praised it while handing out money.

Next there is the organized telling of tales. It's neither mistake or coincidence that we've heard often, "We had no attacks here while Bush was president," or "Bush kept us safe for 8 years." These are planned statements, probably written by Frank Luntz, to change the public's perception of history.

It was also no mistake that Gingrich claimed Richard Reid was an American citizen, or Senator Snow was emphatic that the constitutional rights given to the accused only apply if the accused is an American citizen. This is designed to convince people that the constitution says something it does not say, as it's the only way they can complain about how the underwear bomber was treated.

Then we have the filibuster. Used to be used once every couple of years for, apparently, a really good reason. It's been used 139 times within the past two years; clearly abuse for political gain.

Seems to me that all of this properly played is apt for force the hands of the people in the senate, and those rules may change for the better.

This is, of course, just the way I see things. Others may well disagree.

I believe, by and large, the American people believe in fairness. Once they are convinced the republicans haven't been playing fair, and the senate rules are not fair, we may well see some changes.