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Monkey Butler
02-03-2010, 11:29 PM
I was looking at Paul Gartside's design #98 for a 24' gaff cutter. There is page on his web site with a brief description of general construction techniques utilizing his double skin planking method that raises a few questions in my mind. For reference take a look at the photo at this link:


The inner layer is 3/8" red cedar. Can I assume that this stock is flexible enough to conform to the contour of the frames without any rounding or backing out?
The second strake of the outer planking has what appears to be the makings of a short scarf joint but the yet to be hung mating piece would only seem to span three or four frames. Comments?
The outer layer is 3/4" white cedar that is glued to the inner layer. I would assume that these planks require backing out and rounding but since they need to mate with the entire surface of the inner planking instead of landing on open frames you wouldn't be able to visually check your fit. Does this make for a fussy fit or is thickened epoxy used to make up for any clearance?
Speaking of epoxy; in the photo are the planks just in place for a photo op or are they already glued? I wonder only because I dont see any squeeze out.
Other than that the more I ponder this method the more I like it.

Steve P.

Dave Lesser
02-04-2010, 01:04 AM
I'm sure that Paul would be glad to answer those questions for you. He usually responds quickly to emails. info@gartsideboats.com (info@gartsideboats.com)