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06-07-2001, 12:16 PM
The kids set up a web site for our current shop project. I hope you all find it interesting; we will be adding images to it as we progress. This is a week end, part time effort so please be patient.
I see we will need to add captions to images

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06-07-2001, 01:31 PM
Lookes great Gert . I wondered what had become of you and your pics .Inspirational.

Tom Dugan
06-07-2001, 02:45 PM
Yes! Great job, Gert! The pics make it almost certain that Shearwater will be the Next Boat.


Michel JAN
06-08-2001, 06:59 AM
Great job, Gert. Could you tell me how does she handle rough water? Is the WL long enough for 2 rowers? What type of oarlocks do you use?

06-08-2001, 07:31 AM
Nice! I wish the pix would enlarge when you click on them. It's interesting to see people's processes at work.

06-08-2001, 08:14 AM
Very impressive. The website is very well done! Are the kids involved with the building.

06-08-2001, 08:21 AM

Looks great! You made me think of a photograph, made into a poster, back in the heyday of Lance Lee's Apprenticeshop. It was of a lapstrake peapod, overturned, just in primer; black and white. It was (is) one of the most striking images of small craft I've ever seen. I used to have one of the posters, but left it behind during a divorce. Anyway, you might want to play with the idea for your shearwater.

Tom Dugan
06-08-2001, 08:55 AM
Hey! There's more there this morning! http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/smile.gif

OK Gert. Now you're gonna get bookmarked.


06-27-2001, 04:46 PM
I'm trying to talk our resident webmaster (oldest son) into making the pics enlargable but he has his own agenda so I'm gratfull we got this much and that he adds to it periodicaly. The youger boy (15) is resurecting a 68 International Harvester 4x4 pick-up. So they both have their hands full.And it keeps them at home and off the streets.
Hope fully they'll take to sailing cause thats why I decided to build her; I think sailing is probably one of the better life skills to learn.
Thanks for all the bouquets.