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10-25-2000, 11:19 AM
I am looking for any information on these boats and "Class", Especially the wooden hull versions preceding the later 'glass boats.
Any pictures, specs orother info would be a big help. Thanks ~m

Jack C
10-25-2000, 01:22 PM
I used to own one, built in Holland in 1962 out of cold molded african mahogany. Hull #433. Before I came along, the boat had suffered dry rot around the centerboard trunk. The DPOs tried to stop it by pasting fiberglass here and there. I rebuilt the trunk plus a good section of hull around it, then sold it to a fella in NJ.

The boat was as solid as a rock. The veneers were about 10 inches wide and did not run diagonally, but athwartships and fore/aft. No backstay, but the shrouds were swept back and attached to long straps that ran down inside the hull. The rudder is a Cape Cod style underneath the counter. With the board up it draws around 6 inches.

The whole time I owned it I never put the rail under. When I bought it, I got 3 guys to stand on the deck at the rail and it still didn't go under. It's a pretty stable boat. The dimensions are: LOA - 19'9", B - 6'2", Disp. - 820 lbs., SA - 172 sq. ft.

I've been away from it for awhile, but the class had active fleets in Pennsylvania and Long Island, near Shinnecock. They had a Nationals every year. When I dug around for information about the boat and class, I got the distinct impression that I was dealing with people long of tooth. Very long.

I showed it in a Wooden Boat show in Seattle one year (1986 if memory serves), and won the sailing race on a rather blustery day. It's a fast boat.

Here's a pic of a glass one.

That's about all I know. Good luck in your search.


Capt Moehang
05-27-2006, 09:20 PM
checkout www.celebrityclass.org

05-28-2006, 12:12 PM
It's developed from the Netherlands 16-squaremetre dinghy (called "BM-dinghy"). Last weekend they celebrated their 75th anniversary at the Bergumer Meer.
I have one that is a little modified:


Plans and more pictures are on my homepage www.bm-jolle.de (http://www.bm-jolle.de) or at the class-organistion www.16m2.nl (http://www.16m2.nl)

PS: It has 16 squaremetre since this was the maximum tax-free sailarea in that time in the Netherlands.

S/V Laura Ellen
05-28-2006, 12:22 PM
That "BM-dinghy" looks like fun. What a beautiful boat.

05-29-2006, 05:19 AM
Indeed it makes a lot of fun! I do a lot of cruising and racing with it. Last year I was the smallest boat at the "Classic Yacht Event" in Stockholm and made the second place in the group of boats below 40ft. A picture: