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11-18-2009, 09:39 PM
"MaizieDerrick" has sent me through some photos of the wonderful New Jersey Sea Bright skiff that they have built, hopefully May will be along soon to fill in some details on the build and her launch.

"Aloha Greg, It is MaizieDerrick again...we've built a New Jersey SeaBright skiff and are about to launch by Christmas...we'd like to share her with everyone...could you post these pictures for us of the Lil' Annie...thank you..may"







a few more to come:

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11-19-2009, 07:30 AM
Thank you. The close ups are a bit hard to peice together, but I understand that she's boxed in. I've always thought the Seabright would make a good motorsailor, or shallow cruiser. Does she have a centerboard? Do you know her dimensions?

11-19-2009, 09:25 AM
Where did the lines plan come from? The camera is distorting the depth of field - it's hard to judge her size.
Nice to see folk doing for themselves and turning to a tried-and-true type.

11-19-2009, 08:45 PM
Hi guys, I can't answer your questions but am hopeful that May will be along soon to do so. They were having trouble posting pic's so I've just done that for them.

I'm also interested to know a bit more about Lil' Annie:
How long did the build take?
What engine do they have? It looks like an exhaust stack above the lazaratte as opposed to a wet exhaust?
What is the rudder set up? The side check that is shown in the third from last photo?
Also what is the helming position? I assume a wheel, quadrant and cable as I can't see a tiller being useable ?

11-19-2009, 09:54 PM
Aloha Larks and all, thank you g for posting the pics and the instructions...will try it...here's d for details of our adventure in boat building... well first of all the boat was built entirely off the grid with solar and windpower at our house in south point ,big island hawaii, just about as far as you can get from marine supplies and enthusiasts.. it is built almost entirely of recycled materials .. the design we got from john gardners book.. building small classic craft.. it took about a year to build but with the trailer and sails ect probably geting on for two years. anyway half of the boat is silver oak, or silk oak to some. the keel is about 20 inches wide , flat made up of three boards of 2x6 glued with epoxy.. the hull is double diagonal , 45deg inside and horizontal outside glued with titebond three and ss fasteners and fiberglass and epoxy on the outside. the inside layer being douglas fir 3/8inch thick and the outside some african hardwood 3/8 thick that i retrieved from one of our bedrooms for a worthy cause. the hatches are made of swamp mohogany and the boom crutch is lychee which is really hard all this wood came from a log dump from a tree cutting company here ..the deck is plywood over sawn silver oak beams in the traditional manner. up forward is chain/anchor locker retractable bowsprit and of course the pedestal for the mast.. inside the front cabin are two 6ft bunks each side of the centerboard box. front cabin also holds the vhf and marine stereo.front cabin has the mahogany drop boards . the cockpit is in the middle of course with a grate on the floor , a bronze vertical tiller, from an old valve , stand about two feet ,connected by cable to the rudder. aft of this is the engine room.. drop boards and hatch of mahogany. inside the front and rear hatch are two comfortable seats made with some recycled oak flooring from the house.. note.. my wife is crazier than i when it comes to boats so it was no problem dismantling our house... under that rear seat is our faithful engine.. you got it recycled from the house. used to be our backup power for 12volt generation. 2.5 diesel hooked up to a pulley and belt system to give two to one reduction , fwd and neutral.. hooked to a one inch bronze shaft and homemade prop.. recycled from a bronze impelor with five tabs for blades silver soldered on.. yet to find out how it will work.. i calculated at 2.0 to 1 prop is turning 20 times a second , thats pretty fast so it could be too big, but my answer is a mini grinder on the launching day and gradual reduction till it dont smoke no more.. dry exaust and air cooled , bronze exhaust from old pipeing from some expensive bank with fancy connectors.. of course is two big sweeps made out of silk oak with heavy 4x4 ends above oarlocks.. rudder is a dropdown type ,plywood with a bronze 1/8 inch plate sandwhiched between as is the 4 foot long centerboard..covered in glass and epoxy. yes that is the exhaust out the back on deck.. needs shortening.. thats a dorade bnox on the back for the engine room vent..plus an emergency tiller cover..mast is a recycled mast from some long forgotten boat.. douglas fir . gaff rigged .stainless rigging,all recyled.. the sails i sewed up on our new sailrite machine, of course recycled.. the cap rails and cockpit coamings are silver oak , the seats in the cockpit are swamp mahogany... the silver oak bends beautifully without steaming but BEWARE.. any one wanting to use silver oak.. people can get severely ill from cutting and sanding.. severe allergic reaction can cause the throat to swell up and can be fatal..luckily i am not allergic...use masks... spent some time building a trailer of course recycled, but had to buy a few pieces like the long tongue to the hitch e.c.t. just got it's license and legal and we're just about there.. we hope to sail it around here but a long range plan would be to ship it to san francisco and cruise the delta. but we are not old enough yet to retire so maybe another couple of years.. may helped immensely with the project and deserves tons of credit.. well any more questions ..fire away..

11-19-2009, 09:59 PM
Aloha everyone, about the length...Lil' Annie is 18ft. LOA, 5'6" beam, 6" draft, centerboard down 4ft....aloha again, may

11-19-2009, 10:48 PM
Derrick that is amazing, I am blown away by what you have achieved with this and she looks bigger than 18'!!!:eek: Just wonderful!! The prop' escaped me when I was looking at the photos but now that you point it out...:D:D that is rather bazaar mate, I can't wait to hear how it performs.

11-23-2009, 07:21 PM
I envy both your abilities and your circumstances. We would all appreciate a detailed report of your voyages, long and short, and of your joys and what you learn as you enjoy her.

11-25-2009, 07:30 PM
hey everyone thanks for the encouragement..well yesterday we finally got our trailer safety inspection finished.. well now we have to make good and launch the Lil' Annie.. still need a little more ballast, found a chunk of lead weighing 200 lbs ..not sure how we would get it in the boat but certainly should help keep the boat upright.. anyone know what lead goes for nowdays? derrick