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12-04-2003, 06:07 PM
These are not poor quality photos. As a matter of fact it is difficult to produce this kind of quality! Truth is the scanner isn't working so I took pictures of pictures.
I did miss state the facts when I said six guys pushed the 7 ton boat into the water ..... it was only three! According to Tito, my hired man, he was pushing the truck driver was steering and Beto was just trying to run fast enough to keep up? I was up on top with the motor running. We had pulled the boat backwards, with my car, about a 1/4 mile and the truck was hooked up in front to keep it from rolling out of control. According to Tito, Beto had a flash back to the time the 20,000 volts scattered his brains and they steered into the curb. That is the picture of them rolling it away from the curb. The beach bums had pushed for a ways but gave up when the boat got going about 5 miles per hour. So ......... for you none believers that's the story and I'm sticken to it!

http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/p9c5ee49ae27abc71312e144c19f61c97/fa621312.jpg.thumb. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/p85a4613f41d1918f06c9bfdc79d14b11/fa621315.jpg http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/pbc3c7ac48fd8acd48a60cf6b7adad6ad/fa621318.jpg http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/p9c5ee49ae27abc71312e144c19f61c97/fa621312.jpg

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Ian McColgin
12-05-2003, 07:37 AM
Way too cool.


John Blazy
12-05-2003, 09:26 AM
Great Idea taking pics of pics. I never have a camera when I'm doing something hairy, so at least you have evidence. - JB