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10-16-2009, 12:35 AM
I kept seeing ads on TV for this ( the ones with the Kenny Chesney song) and was curious what it was. A quick google search led to Wikipedia:

The Foundation for a Better Life is a non-profit (http://woodenboat.com/wiki/Non-profit) 501(c)(3) (http://woodenboat.com/wiki/501(c)(3)) organization founded in 2000 to promote behavioral values which it sees as positive;[1] (http://woodenboat.com/forum/#cite_note-0) it is entirely funded by billionaire Philip Anschutz (http://woodenboat.com/wiki/Philip_Anschutz).[2] (http://woodenboat.com/forum/#cite_note-1) The Foundation creates public service campaigns to communicate its values, such as honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others, in an attempt to make a difference in communities.
The Foundation neither solicits nor accepts monetary donations from the public. It is not officially affiliated with any religion, rather hoping that "the values we share transcend any particular religion or nationality".