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Wild Dingo
09-20-2009, 09:51 AM
Well things seem to be on the change still for me... funny how it seems to turn eh?... so many months of the bad confused and hurt and now since returning from rightsideup land things have gone from good to better to shyte I dont know it just keeps getting better!!! :cool:

Ive had my 17 year old daughter staying with me for the last week and its been a real blast since this is the most time we have spent together since this thing started almost 2 years ago and we have really enjoyed the time together... anyway Ive shown my binty (Jacinta) the sights of Broome although getting her bum out of bed at 5.30AM to see the sunrises has proved IMPOSSIBLE in every other way its been brilliant... she now knows it wasnt me that caused the family split and shatter and finally we can talk as we once did! BRILLIANT!!!

Anyway... today started as it does with the most amazing sunrise... sitting on the shore of Roebuck Bay watching it all come together in the warm morning kick starts my day wonderfully

A young mother and child were having "special time" and I couldnt resist a quick photo

And so home I went knowing that AT SOME POINT I would have to get my bum into gear and sweat a bit while trying to break the ground thats like red concrete then level that then lay the slabs then erect the shed Id bought a week or so ago but for some reason I just couldnt get it together I had spent every day with Jac and didnt want to miss a single day she was here so Id been putting it off something shocking... but this morning just as we were about to sort ourselves out and go do something "touristy" I KNOW I KNOW I DONT DO TOURISTY but this is my baby girl and god knows when she will come back again!!... when my younger sister Kree (you know the one I call my hippy yippee yaya kid sister? yeah her!) and her carrot topped son Jason and their nippers rocked up followed half an hour later by Jasons partner Jodie followed shortly thereafter by one of the nicest young fellas you could find and was promptly told... between beers... that "Its time the bloody shed went up Shane"... "umm yeah well I was..." "Nah bullshyte mate its gotta go up cause look at all your bloody tools mate crap layin everywhere saws inside planes on the floor welder under the patio its not right!!" "mmm yeah I know but..." Nah fluck that!! Were gonna do the shed now mate while everyones here eh?" and with that young Mick handed me another beer and we went and checked the situation out

So he gets out his dumpy level and Jason and Jodies little daughter Shayla takes control of that in a flash!!

Then its into it!!... slab went down faster than a rat up a drainpipe! now me I thought that would be it cause I was startin to feel a few sheets to the wind... but nope another beer was stuffed into me hand and with a quick look "yeah theyre about right lets get the shed up eh" and we were back into it!!

Kree gave us a great amount of help layin the slabs but decided she and Jason needed some time with the sungods and disappeared onto the roof for some sweeping of fallen leaves up there... Leaving me Jodie and Mick to our own divices (and the carton!!!) and steadily well okay wonkily we finally managed to get the thing up and standing... about then Mick began to finally feel the effects of half a carton of beer and the hot sun and deemed "Nah thats it eh! Im phissed you can do the doors eh" and got stuck into another beer which went down faster than any rabbit down any burrow to be followed in rapid succession by several others "ahh fluck thats great eh? We dished it eh shan?"... "mmm eh Mick?"... "slurp yeah?" "gotta finish the job mate cant leave it like this without doors can we?" "mmm sure!! were in Broome mate doors are only to keep honest buggars out anyway may as well leave em of an let em help themselves eh? hahahahaahaha have another beer"... "mmm Mick mate?"... "ssshhhhhhhh buggar yer Im drinkin!!"... "MICK!!"... "shyte what???"... "yer want another beer?"... "I'll be in THAT!" and he quickly sucked down the last of his stubby "yeah no worries mate AFTER we get the damned doors on"... "aaahhh shyte yer a hard bastard Shane"... "bloody oath mate now get yer arse into gear!"... "ha okay no worries stop shoutin an more workin yer lazy bastard"

And whallah all done in no time at all... and time to sit back and enjoy a few stubbies before takin Jac/binty over the road to the Satay Hut for a few drinkies and to watch the crab races

Pics to follow:cool:

Wild Dingo
09-20-2009, 10:28 AM
Sunrise over Roebuck Bay




Single mother and baby at sunrise enjoying some "special time"


And the day of erecting the shed/workshop begins in typical Broome style...


Dancing on the roof? duhhh get down yer pair of bloody galahs!! Yep thats Kree my hippy yippee yaya kid sister and her son Jason getting into the spirit of things

ahem more to come...

Wild Dingo
09-20-2009, 10:50 AM
Our resident "engineer and surveyor" of all things touchable and kid interesting Shayla and her offsider DecDec the manic maniac


Jasons partner Jodie the drill girl and Mad Mick as thick as a brick goin for broke on the door


But do they get it right? NOPE! Its up to you know that curley headed buggar me to sort it... strike me roan but its hard bein me I tells yer!


But after all the dramas, all the swearin, all the laughin, all the general mayhem and bedlam I HAVE ME A SHED!


Note if you will the first thing to be adhered to said shed is MY ROAD SIGN!!! bloody amazing stuff eh!

And then it was onto the afterburn party/pissup/drinkemup/eatemup/ rewards... mind you it had taken near on 2 cartons of beer and 2 chooks plus salad and chips and 3 bloody great watermelons to get to this stage!!!


But all in all at this moment Im one pretty happy wee chappy!


09-20-2009, 11:02 AM
Way cool, I did not understand half of da woids but i loved the Pics.

Can you swim there?

Michael s/v Sannyasin
09-20-2009, 11:23 AM
Dingo Rd. that's priceless

09-20-2009, 02:12 PM
Very cool, Shane. And I see in the pic that you have a Cobb Cooker! Aren't they the best? I got one after seeing Ingo's thread about his trip to Denmark.


Captain Blight
09-20-2009, 03:09 PM
Ain't family grand?

It's a wonder anything my family builds even approaches level or plumb. Mind you, they drink the cheap stuff and I drink the good stuff. I think all that means is I get drunker faster and more expensively.

09-20-2009, 04:21 PM
Wonderful photos, nice to see part of the family. Keep 'em coming. And good luck with shed and other resettling activities.

09-20-2009, 04:39 PM
I hate to be the one that tells you Dingo. THE SHED AIN'T ANYWHERE BIG ENOUGH!!

Get all the HOONs to help you build it bigger.

Cheers, and very glad life is coming around for you.


09-20-2009, 05:42 PM
Hey Dingo, while I was playing tag with Duncan and The Mighty Pippin a couple of weeks ago I had look at that boat you were interested in...just sailed around didn't go aboard. Anyway it looks pretty good, the hull could do with repainting as the plank edges are showing though. I don't know if it's still on the market though, or for that matter if you are still interested.

09-20-2009, 05:56 PM
I hate to be the one that tells you Dingo. THE SHED AIN'T ANYWHERE BIG ENOUGH!!

Get all the HOONs to help you build it bigger.

Cheers, and very glad life is coming around for you.


Whull...whull, gee, Fitz, is there any sucha thing as a shed that is big enough? :D

Second on the 'very glad life is coming around for you'.

Good on ya, Shane! That's a right tidy family you got there. Too many blessings to count!


John T

09-20-2009, 07:53 PM
Well done!, and beautiful place you're living in, Shane.
I'm most glad to hear you've gotten reconnecting to Jac.....best news of all! :)

09-20-2009, 09:48 PM
Ripper Rooney, good on ya mate, 'nice to be lobbed on sometimes isn't it!! 'You caught up with Coxy yet?

Phil Heffernan
09-20-2009, 11:13 PM
You're on a roll me crazy boy-o, great to hear your happy on top of happy...Sounds like the perfect state of mind to attract the opposite sex! :-]


Robbie 2
09-20-2009, 11:58 PM
Well done Shane..... see...we told you things would work themselves out for you....especially nice to hear things are improving for you on the family situation.

09-21-2009, 12:05 AM
So...What's a ubeaut?

Izzat sumkina Ozzie U-Boat?

'At 'ere shed don't hardly look big enough to house a submarine!

Izzat part of the 'stealth' factor? I mean, ifn ya could hide a sub in there, ya shore could fool yer enemies sump'n fierce!

Y'all Ozzies shore am a resourceful bunch!

Wild Dingo
09-21-2009, 12:38 AM
O k eye all thins beein considered tis a grand life Im cuttin out for meself up here in the north an ayme fair appy wif it I tells yer I am :cool:

The cobb? Was a pressy to meownself awhile back when I was a terrible mess of raw emotions when all I could do was buy her things that were totally ignored or shunned so I was told about these things and thought "well buggar it! I NEED something to make ME feel good about things and what better than something to cook with?" So I went and got me one... great things!!! Havin some issues getting the burner things but well I'll sort it one way or tuther easy as

The shed bein small? Well theres restrictions on what size shed one can erect on the lot Ive got... so Ive got the biggest they will allow and then cause of how Ive located it I have still got the blank canvas of the garden to work in and an area next to said shed... so Ive done bloody well considering what others manage here :cool: tool wise Im having some issues fitting it all in but what the hell as she whos name is no longer mentioned says its a "batchelors pad" so what the hell tools in the dunny? No wukkers tools in the shower so what! tools in the living room right on! I mean if some sheila comes waltzin in to see me it AINT for the damned tools she be there for!! ;)

Robbie the family situation has improved out of sight as time has marched on... Jac really was my last hurdle... Yaz understands and accepts now its just her mongrel partner who has issues and mate? theyre all his!! otherwise the kids are great toward me finally... I think its taken them this long to realize that she whos name is never mentioned has problems that she whos name is never mentioned IS NOT getting help for and that her family has been in the background since the begining... sadly its now accepted by one and all that there is nothing anyone can do and its recognized by all that this is the best thing I can do to make me happy and although they and I have some difficulty adjusting to not seeing each other and the grandies its what must happen for me to kick start my life again... and so Ive made the move up here to disassociate from her whos name is never mentioned and to move on with my life

As to sheilas... well none on the horizon but then Im not even glancing around at present Im just enjoying finding me and what I enjoy in life again... Being alone is something I once enjoyed but then after marriage couldnt bear to be without her who is never named but now Im finding my peace with myself again... a huge step was the trip over there and meeting everyone that helped a hell of a lot... Ive taken the time to forgive myself and to forgive her for what happened and now can smile laugh and see the good things in life once more and just enjoying being here in this moment of time... the past is dust and just a memory of things once enjoyed and the future is unknown so there really is just now to be, see and feel... the past is gone the future will take care of itself so enjoying now is all that I can do.

A sheila comes along who wants to share time with me then Im game but Im no longer lonely or looking for that elusive something I thought I missed... I find now I dont need anyone nor do I particularily want anyone... so its enough to breathe in the warm fresh air enjoy the garden the sea and the people around me each day at a time. :cool:

Boats? Well I think I have to get my arse out of "holiday mode" and back into "work and make money mode" before I can relook at boats... unless the price has dropped considerably!!!

Larks mate I gave Coxy a hoi the other week from Bunbury but he was heading off somewhere when I got back so I will give him anothery in a day or two when Jac leaves and then Im free to let loose and do myself a dam... ahem... enjoy myself for a few days till Josh lobs up and Im back to "parent be good mode" :rolleyes: But no worries we seemed to hit it of when I had a yarn to him easy as!

Anyway the family is cool with my disappearance into the wilds of the far north country... well most are... and well Chrissy is but a few mere months away at which time I will head south for a few weeks to see them all again. :cool:

09-21-2009, 02:23 AM
Good stuff Shane, bye the way, I bumped into a mate of yours this morning - any relation?: