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07-05-2004, 08:41 AM
It is getting to the point in my boatbuilding career where I can almost sit in the cockpit. The seat framing comes soon and no doubt I'll dream on sitting there staring at the bulkhead (7' ahead) with tiller (not yet attached to the unbuilt rudder post). The thought comes: where should a compass go?

At 7' ahead will I be able to squint to see the compass if it were bulkhead mounted? Could it be on the Chebacco's (Bolger's, 20'x7.5' cat-yawl) bulkhead that would be at my back when steering? (A glance back to see where I'm going forward?) At my foot mounted on the boards?(looking down to see forward, to trip over?). Today's thieves (boat-lifters) suggest that the compass be removable, yes? Size for the budget minded? Haven't given much thought to electrics --would there be battery lighted compasses? Compensated type of course to incorporate deviation.

:confused: Undeveloped navigation plan, to date: compass, charts, simple low-cost GPS (no radar in my plans, no multi-color chartplotter-tracker-tv screen, no zillion dollar collection of GPS downloaded charts, nor any thoughts of a hired captain nor for that matter taking on pilots for each leg of a trip around the bay). I've seen all the Ritchie and other compasses in the catalogs -- Since biggest plan is coastal ins-and-outs, don't need the intergalactic sort. Whattaya think? I traded in my found in a CrackerJack box compass for a Boy Scout sort years ago. Its time to trade up again, right! :cool:

Jack Heinlen
07-05-2004, 09:47 AM
Hm. Who needs a compass if you got a GPS? Kidding, just kidding. I think the aft bulkhead.

Um, the one forward of the tiller. smile.gif

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Andrew Craig-Bennett
07-05-2004, 10:10 AM
Either position is good, You can see the compass from seven feet away, but beware of the problem of parallax if you mount the compass off centre to clear the companionway.

If mounted under the tiller, consider the grid type steering compass which is a very handy thing and particyularly suitable for this position.