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Tom Galyen
08-31-2009, 11:13 AM
The following is an Analysis by a writer for the Associated Press.

"Analysis: Obama keeps Bush nominees in top posts
WASHINGTON For all the GOP howling about Barack Obama radically steering the government to the left and leading the nation toward socialism, some of his major appointments are Republican men and women of the middle.
In what may be the top two national posts in light of today's crises at home and abroad, Obama stuck with the picks of former President George W. Bush in reappointing Fed chief Ben Bernanke and Defense Secretary Robert Gates.
Bernanke last week was given another four-year term to preside over nothing less than saving the U.S. economy and then keeping it strong. He was appointed by Bush in 2006 after a short stint as chairman of Bush's Council of Economic Advisers. Gates was kept in his Pentagon post to wind down the war in Iraq and build up the one in Afghanistan.
The loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy to brain cancer led to a chorus of laments about the dearth of politicians these days able to reach across party lines. While Obama hasn't had much luck with the highly polarized Congress in building bipartisan support on legislation, he's reached out often to Republicans in filling key jobs.
The notion that he's moving the government to the left "is laughable, it's utterly laughable," said Thomas E. Mann, a government scholar at the Brookings Institution. Mann said the decision to keep Bernanke and Gates "doesn't buy him a thing with Republicans but was a sign of good judgment in both cases" because Bernanke and Gates were doing good jobs.
Obama's larger problem is that he still does not have his own people in a majority of the government's top policymaking positions requiring Senate confirmation. But those he has put in top positions include a number of Republicans or nontraditional Democrats.
Along with Gates and Bernanke, they include:
Sheila Bair as holdover chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. She has played a major role in the management of the financial crisis. A one-time unsuccessful candidate for a Kansas House seat, Bair was first appointed by Bush in June 2006. Forbes Magazine ranks her as the second most powerful woman in the world behind German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Ray LaHood, a former congressman from Illinois, as transportation secretary. He was elected as part of the "Gingrich Revolution" of 1994 and was so trusted by both Republicans and Democrats that he was selected to preside over the House during the impeachment vote against President Bill Clinton.
Former Rep. John McHugh from upstate New York, as Army secretary. McHugh was known by his House colleagues for an even temperament and willingness to work with Democrats.
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who was a Mormon missionary in China in his youth, as ambassador to China.
Francis Collins, an evangelical Christian, as director of the National Institutes of Health.
Unlike the others on the list, Collins is not a Republican and worked in the Obama presidential campaign. But he doesn't fit the usual mold of liberal Democrat as portrayed by many Republicans.
Collins discussed his religious views in a 2006 book. Although some questions have been raised about whether he could keep his religious views separate from his work, the physician-geneticist is well respected in his field for landmark discoveries of disease genes and as head of the Human Genome Project.
Meanwhile, Obama has been contending with an angry left upset at him for not insisting more forcefully on a government-run health insurance option and for his decisions to retain some Bush-era counterterrorism policies.
"The effort to portray Obama as dangerously leftist just doesn't have any traction," said Stephen Cimbala, a political science professor at Penn State. "I think if they want to pick up seats in 2010 and get back up off the floor where Bush left them, they're going to have to find a way to go beyond the very narrow core Republican base and reach out to moderates. The case they have to make against Obama is a case about competency and performance. Not about ideology."
Republicans are going all out on the war path, especially on health care overhaul and budget issues.
"Obama and his liberal congressional allies want to saddle taxpayers with even more debt through their government-run health care experiment that will cost trillions of dollars," said Republican party chief Michael Steele. House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, accused Obama of a management style that's "not leadership, it's negligence." Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said in Saturday's GOP video and Internet address that Obama's Democrats favor "cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from the elderly to create new government programs."
In asking Bernanke to stay on, Bush praised the former Princeton economist for "his calm and wisdom" in steering the economy through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
At the time he announced he was sticking with Gates at the Pentagon, Obama said he didn't ask the member of the Bush war cabinet to remain because of his party affiliation but because he felt he could best "serve the interests of the American people." Obama said he was "going to be welcoming a vigorous debate inside the White House."
Meanwhile, Obama returned from his vacation in Massachusetts on Martha's Vineyard and, after a few days at Camp David, will redouble his efforts "toward getting a bipartisan result" on health care overhaul, said deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton. "After he gets a little time to recharge his batteries...he's going to come back as rip-roaring as he was before," Burton said.
EDITOR'S NOTE Tom Raum covers politics and economics for The Associated Press."

Posted in the interest of fairness.

Ian McColgin
08-31-2009, 11:21 AM
Facts never stopped partisan spin that Obama is some sort of foreign communist agent.

08-31-2009, 12:11 PM
O sure , Till Cheny gets a post back i dont buy into this!!!

08-31-2009, 12:22 PM

He did exactly what he said he was going to do:

Obama Pledges to Appoint Republican to Cabinet (http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/15/obama-pledges-to-appoint-republican-to-cabinet/)

08-31-2009, 01:18 PM
As much as the partisans do their best to downplay this it is obvious who Obama works for... It isn't us.

The Obama Deception, still even after it being up here for months not one Libtard has disputed any of the facts presented. Draw you own conclusions. According to the polls lots already are.


Tom Galyen
08-31-2009, 02:13 PM
I'm no lover of Obama and would like to see someone I trust more in the White House. But, what has he done that anyone could even imagine impeachment? Even as despicable a person as say Al Capone had to be caught doing something that the government could prosecute him for. I'm sorry but so far other than spending our money like a drunken sailor, he's not done anything illegal according to the Constitution.

I am very tired of each party shouting "Impeach" just because someone of the opposite party is in the White House.

I don't think there has been a president since Nixon in office that the opposite party hasn't at one time or another said they wanted to start impeachment proceedings. It has become just a political ploy that both parties use to insult the other and to try to gain what they could not get by votes. The impeachment process was put into the Constitution for a specific reason and trying to gain a political advantage is not it.

I personally believe, from living in Illinois, that Obama is as crooked a politician as any that Illinois has elected to office. His mentor, after all, was Mayor Daley and the Chicago Machine, the same machine that produced EX-governor Blago, however, he has not done anything since he has gotten into office to warrant impeachment. I think its time to get off that particular venue until you have something concrete to use.

I'd love for there to be say a 20 year moratorium on impeachment, but someone or another would take advantage of it.

08-31-2009, 02:37 PM
The first comment from the website that Tylerdoofus just posted:

Where is that on youtube?

08-31-2009, 02:42 PM
Oh, I get it. You think the comments are part of the video?
Threw me off as I was looking for intelligence then it clicked that you posted it.

Just like your dumbarse comment are part of the Wooden Boat mission statement I guess?

Try not to be such a moron, anybody can comment, your living proof.