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I have too much spare time at the moment (yes i have a job...but). Are there any good stories to read out there?

Like Jack and Jill got their boat, went to Alaska, then Japan, then Siberia, then Micronesia, then New Caledonia etc etc... Here and the pictures and here is the text.

I once read a good blog by a fellow who i can no longer recall the name of. He flew into Yellowknife town in Canada, bought a Coleman canoe, paddled it west across the big lake thingy there, then paddled upriver to the west somewhere, then portaged over a pass somewhere, and then paddled down rive to the Pacific. Good adventure, low cost..Excellent stories... are there more like that?

Paul Fitzgerald
08-23-2009, 04:11 AM
Dashews are always interesting. Their latest boat is a powerboat, but they have a lot of sail miles behind them.
This is their latest blog, but hunt around and you should find some earlier ones.


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Here is a short read sort of like the Harlan Hubbard adventure, make your own craft and go with the flow. It was especially enjoyable to me as that part of the Mississippi is quite familiar to me. The time is 1931-2 and the area is St. Paul, Minnesota to La Crescent, Mn/La Crosse, Wisconsin.


Second Age

My Year on a Mississippi River Shantyboat

by Carl A. Franson

08-23-2009, 10:10 AM
Patrick and Rebecca are good friends. They're also writing up their cruise in BlueWater sailing