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Henning 4148
08-02-2009, 02:59 PM
One has to go. I have just posted it in it's class forum - in a way it's a pity, because I liked the idea to persuade someone in the US or Canada or Australia eventually on this forum to start the class there. An open keel boat, approx. 19 ft long, self draining, built in buoyancy, big enough to sail with three or even four just for fun and fast enough to mix up your average Yardstick Club Race if you want to with just two on board.

Did I mention the design was originally intended for ply construction and that plans are (for all I know) still available? You would need to adapt them slightly to include the current safety features (buoyancy and self draining cockpit) as well as to take the high loads of a modern rig with a mast bent by the upper shrouds - if this is what you want to sail.

Interested in starting the class oversees? Send me a mail and I will get you in contact with the organization.

By the way, the class is called Kielzugvogel.

Ian McColgin
08-02-2009, 03:54 PM
From the web site it's an appealing mid-level boat. I really like the idea of a boat that competitors can build themselves, like the early days of the Lightening class and it is a bit like a Lightening with a balasted lifting keel. (Only a little.) From that perspective, I'd be surprised if the class association did not want to keep them simple and pretty standard.


Henning 4148
08-03-2009, 02:13 PM
The class association keeps them pretty basic. No carbon sails, no carbon hulls, minimum hull weight, Al spars, no spi, just a boomed out genoa ... You can still win the championship in a 15 or 20 year old boat (the sails would probably have to be newer).

The design was originally intended as a family day sailer / camping sailer - and still is used as that - but as soon as the first boats of the class had been built and had proven they were fast, the racing started as well.

Henning 4148
08-06-2009, 02:29 PM
The class of the one that's got to go:


The technical specification (not the building plans, but with links to general arrangement plans)


Approx. 19 feet hard chine. The design comes in two versions, originally as a centerboard design, ingenious owners soon put a fixed keel in the centerboard slot and increased the hight of the mast to get a bit more speed, so, you now have the Schwertzugvogel and the Kielzugvogel. You can also build the boats to be switchable from centerboard to keel and back in a few minutes, many modern ones are. An interesting aspect of the design is, that it is primarily longitudinally framed instead of transversally, an old receipt to build light boats.

For the last years the best known builder (there are other good ones as well, Linnekuhl was a good name but closed a few years ago) http://www.bootswerft-mader.de/page2008/produkte-kielzugvogel.html

Don't ask me why they haven't got the design on the English version of their homepage, I don't know ...

If you need building plans, send me a pm and I will research where to get them nowadays. For all I know they still show the original design without the self draining cockpit etc., modification to include these safety factors makes sense if you see them as a sport boat, for comping sailing, you might need the stowage area that is lost in the modern boats and thus might want the traditional design with buoyancy bags.

I like the idea about having my own navy ...