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Phillip Allen
07-30-2009, 05:25 PM
she works at a boat yard and lives on her little sloop...

Had a bit of excitement here last Sunday! I was on way to showers, saw the rescue squad, ambulance and police come rushing by, went to our fuel dock.Decided to go and have a look. Heard that they were waiting for a boat that was in an accident. Not long, a powerboat, 28ft, came speeding across the Potomac, turned in to Monroe Bay and stopped at our fuel dock. The boaters were all helped to get off the boat, they did not seem to be very hurt, only saw a bit of blood on the skipper.Were taken to the ambulance, I went and had a look at boat. Was shocked!!! Could sees something went across it, lengthwise! Windows,wewr shattered, doors to cabin below were gone, the back part of the boat was all broken, also saw some gouging marks on swimplatfom. Police immediatly chased everyone away from boat, put crimescene tape to stop people getting too close. Finally heard what happened!
Boat nr 1 was on way back to Colonial Beach, were at Cobb Island.There was a rainstorm, visibility was very bad. Boat nr 1 slowed down, started putting up their bimini.Suddenly boat nr 2 came from behind at a tremendous speed, hit the back of boat nr 1, then boat nr 2 just flew across boat nr 1, It was going at such a fast speed,flew across the front of boat nr 1 without touching the rail and spotlight on front of boat nr 1!!! The people in boat nr 1 was very lucky, if one of the props caught them they would have been dead!!! Boat nr 2 have a lot of damage to props etc, did not see that boat, it waent to Maryland.
Boat nr 1 is a write off, thats for sure!!! People were very very lucky!!! If boat nr 2 was going slower it would have landed on top of boat nr 1,could have killed someone!!!
Still busy working on the wooden boat, if all goes well she will be put back in water Thursday.Done a lot of caulking, every seam was recaulked! Very warm here, temp in the 90!

07-30-2009, 07:40 PM
Wow...all were blessed...and lucky.